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  • Wellington - Lower Hutt


  • Project Manage your building or renovation to latest Industry Legislation or Building Code requirements.
  • Can provide a “green field” project from start to finish
  • Use same known “tradesmen” who guarantee their workmanship to my quality standard
    • Electricians
    • Plumbers
    • Plasterers
    • Painters
  • Accommodate building changes or alterations where reasonable
  • Provided no major changes are forecasted during the Project build, it will be completed on time and within budget

What we specialise in:

We specialise in building homes, either new architectural homes or moderate family priced properties, undertake structural work, renovation projects for either new or older style properties including “circa era”, installation of modern “architectural or kit-set” kitchens and bathrooms.

Also undertake “leaking home” repairs and weather tightness projects.

My personal Commitment

I stand by my workmanship, quality and integrity, it’s important that my client relationship is comfortable and that they feel like I’m committed to working on “their” project only. I have no doubt that there will be cheaper options (Competitors) available, but I question whether these will be hassle free or without hidden costs.

My longevity within the Industry and with “One” company, demonstrates my commitment, resolve and willingness to continue even through difficult financial times. I encourage you to contact my testimonial list as this will support commitment.

I look forward to discussing your future building plans,

Kind regards

Glen Lancaster – Registered Master Builder


Two story cream colour house that Joe lancaster & son LTD built. A deck built by Joe Lancaster & Son. diagonal view of a one story builder with brick pillers a deck and windows Front view of a one story builder with brick pillers a deck and windows House that Joe lancaster & son LTD built with outdoor area and a pool. Front view of a two story house built by Joe Lancaster & Son LTD. A garage built by Joe Lancaster & Son. A house Joe Lancaster & Son built during construction.